Risk Engineering A global network of industry experts providing Risk Management solutions to insurers

At Advanta, we acknowledge the value and importance of risk management.

Our interdisciplinary team has the experience and technical capabilities to assess complex risks as well as more traditional risks.

We build strong relationships with our clients, understanding their needs and requirements and providing them with comprehensive and bespoke solutions on a global scale.

Our team offer a variety of Risk Engineering solutions in Construction and Erection projects, frequently in the context of CAR and EAR policies with DSU coverage, as well as services for operational risks concerning Property Damage, Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption. In addition, we also offer specialist assessments in areas such as Jewellers’ Block, General Property, Supply Chain, Liability and Cyber.


Andres Artopoulos

Director - Risk Engineering



We have the specialised expertise to undertake a wide range of bespoke risk assessments for underwriters, brokers and insureds ranging from desktop exercises to full site inspection and reporting.

Through our global network, we can capitalize on our in-house expertise to deliver the highest calibre of service at competitive market rates.

Our local presence enables our surveyors to access remote regions and facilitates both the cultural and logistical support which is vital in undertaking a successful survey.


Our approach is always to ensure that stakeholders are consistently and clearly informed of the requirements throughout from the proposal stage and site inspections/analysis through to the issue of the final report.

Our survey reports and risk assessments clearly outline the quality of the risk, present a comparison of the risk to international “best practice” where possible and provide key recommendations for improvement based on recognised international standards.

Our engineers undertake detailed assessments of Nat Cat risks, site assets, operations, maintenance, engineering & inspections, emergency systems and procedures. We offer comment on the current valuations/sum insured and assess the various scenarios to identify the highest Estimated/Probable Maximum Loss (EML/PML) event as well as Business Interruption / DSU analyses.

Our promise is to deliver accurate, independent and tailored reports in line with our clients’ need and agreed timescales.


We specialise in large and complex engineering multi-risk industries some of which are listed below:

Energy (Oil & Gas Utilities)

  • Upstream and downstream installations
  • Traditional Power Generation (coal, gas, liquid fuel, hydro, nuclear, CHP)
  • Renewable Energy Generation (wind on & offshore, solar, waste to heat)
  • Electrical Transmission (including HVDC) and Distribution systems
  • Desalination Plants, Sewage works, water treatment plants

Heavy Industry & Civil Infrastructure

  • Iron & steel, cement, sugar, pulp & paper, fertiliser plants, chemicals, mining
  • Roads, bridges, airports, rail, dams, ports


  • Hotels, hospitals, civic buildings, universities, data centres, warehousing

Jewellers' Block

  • Wholesale, retail and secure installations

Other Risk Areas

  • Supply Chain, terrorism, contingency analysis