Construction It’s in our DNA

Construction marks human progress. It’s what makes a difference to our daily lives.

Construction is our bread and butter. With local expertise and global experience, we excel in handling all aspects of construction losses world-wide, including property damage, delay in start-up and associated liabilities. Through our global network we bring the necessary technical competence and insurance expertise to bear, striving for rapid claims resolution. Encoded in our DNA are ethical standards, integrity, cultural sensitivity, fairness, technical competence, robustness, rigor.

We have extensive experience in handling mega-projects and major heavy civil engineering construction & erection projects. Our experience spanning the residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure fields, from immersed tunnels to urban infrastructure to nuclear powerplants to industrial and mining facilities. Our claims handling experience includes assignments involving tunnels, bridges, roadworks, airports, commercial property & retail, semi-conductor FABs, data centres, scientific and research installations, hotels, hospitals, schools, dams, ports, harbours & associated wet-works to name but a few. In addition, we have handled significant terrorism and NATCAT exposures.

We have an independent inhouse Quantity Surveying and Forensic Accounting arm which allows us to quantify exposure more accurately with rigour, allowing our clients to manage their exposure more efficiently and effectively.


Oliver Thoma

Executive Director


Advanta’s team includes adjusters with the cultural awareness, technical competence and adjusting experience to deliver complex claim solutions.

Our approach to quantum demonstrates professional rigour to stakeholders and is supported by independent teams of accredited Quantity Surveyors and Forensic Accountants.

With a presence in over 60 locations and a team speaking over 40 languages, we are able to deliver global expertise and local knowledge where our clients need it.

We are independent and privately owned, passionate about adjusting and free to focus on delivering a professional service based on our customers’ requirements.

We are committed to bringing through the next generation of experienced adjusters to ensure longevity of our brand and continuity for our clients.


We have successfully handled projects and losses throughout various sectors ranging from losses in excess of USD 1 Billion to higher frequency lower valued losses. We offer a range of strategies and technologies to handle such losses, depending on the specific requirements.

Our services include:

  • Mega-projects (in excess of USD 1 billion)
  • Major heavy civil engineering construction and erection projects
    • Tunnels (Metros, Road Tunnels, Hydro-electric schemes, Immersed Segment Tunnels) & Tunnel Boring Machines
    • Dams & Wet Works (Breakwaters, Ports, Harbours, Flood Protection Barriers, Diversion Schemes)
    • Bridges and roads
  • Urban civil engineering works (new builds and refurbishments)
    • High-Rise Buildings, Residential and Commercial Properties
    • Schools, universities and collages
    • Retail and leisure
    • Stormwater drainage, water treatment and sewage treatment facilities
  • Public sector, military and government projects
  • Power plants and utilities (renewables, nuclear, geothermal, fossil fuels, waste to energy, water treatment plants, sewage and drainage, urban heating)
  • Desalination plants
  • Transportation
    • Airports & terminals
    • Railway & terminals
    • Carparks and Park & Ride facilities
  • Construction / erection / commissioning of various industrial and manufacturing facilities
    • Semiconductor fabrication plants (FABs)
    • Steel mills, refineries and chemical plants
    • LNG terminals
    • Mines and mineral processing facilities
  • Third Party Liability and Professional Indemnity losses associated with the above projects
  • Delay in Start-Up (DSU) losses where this cover has been purchased in conjunction with the Construction All Risk (CAR) / Erection All Risk (EAR) cover