News New association in Algeria

New association in Algeria

Jul 25, 2016
ADVANTA and Cabinet Sebki Chabane are pleased to announce their new association in Algeria.

Cabinet Chabane Sebki was established by Mohammed Chabane Sebki in Algeria, where he works with two engineers, lawyers and specialists in topography. They cooperate with local experts predominantly in the sectors involving hydraulics, civil engineering and maritime matters. We are pleased to have a presence and representation in Algeria which is the largest country in Africa, positioned strategically at the northernmost border of the continent on the Mediterranean coast.

The industry sectors in which they undertake adjusting assignments include all those of the infrastructural activity in the region: power stations, roads and bridges, hotel and leisure resort developments as well as agricultural sites.

Cabinet Chabane Sebki is managed by Chabane, a reputable Court Expert who is a member of the International Organization of Experts (Ordinex). He has served at Ordinex as Vice President on two occasions. Sebki is specialized in Civil Engineering and has extensive expertise in the processing of evidence in various types of legal court disputes. Moreover, he has been involved in the assessment of natural catastrophe claims to assess the damages as well as on claims involving industrial, agricultural and tourist sites. The Ministry of Habitat and Urbanism of Algeria appointed him as a court expert from 2006 to 2009 and subsequently the Ministry of Justice appointed him as a Judicial Mediator in 2010. Sebki has developed his expertise in court related matters and has been worked closely with governmental bodies in Algeria where he has demonstrated he is expert in his field.

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