News Advanta News - October 2012

Advanta News - October 2012

Oct 15, 2012
We have been very active in the past three months sharing our experiences and have held several exclusive seminars with select clients.

We strongly believe that there is much mutual benefit in presenting complex loss scenarios and using these to highlight interesting coverage issues. Not only is this educational but it often allows us to get to know our clients on a more personal note, which is important to us since we believe that ours is a personalised business.

Triglav CAR/EAR Seminar

On 13th and 14th September we had the privilege of conducting a CAR/EAR seminar with our long standing friends and client Triglav in Slovenia. For our efforts we were treated to some of the spectacular scenery that this beautiful country with its friendly people has to offer.

Munich Re Mexico Seminar

The event was held in ‘Hacienda Juice’ built in the 16th century and set in the historic city of Querétaro. Representatives of Insurers from most countries in Central and South America and from Europe attended the seminar. David McGhie of Advanta London presented two case studies of CAR/EAR claims with ALoP cover attached: a Waste treatment plant in Spain and an oil refinery extension in Italy.

PZU Claims Workshop

The PZU workshop was held in the beautiful town of Wrocław located in the South West of the country it is the fourth largest city in Poland. Advanta has a long-standing relationship with PZU where we have been involved in important CAR, Property and BI claims and we were honoured to participate in this PZU 3-day workshop in September 2012. David McGhie and Andrew Davies of Advanta London presented a series of case studies covering road and bridge construction, tunnel losses, slope failures and a major EAR loss with ALoP.

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