News Advanta Bulletin - Hurricane Harvey

Advanta Bulletin - Hurricane Harvey

Sep 13, 2017
ADVANTA have assembled a highly qualified technical team of loss adjusters dedicated to provide support to our clients in the US and key (re)insurance markets, currently facing the impact and ongoing effects of Category 4 Hurricane Harvey. The storm made landfall on Friday 25th August 2017, passing about 30 miles east-northeast of Corpus Christi with winds reaching circa 130mph and tropical storm force winds extending 140 miles from the eye of the storm. The threat of Hurricane Harvey continues as we continually monitor the scope and impact of one of the worst natural disasters in the US’ recent history.

Local Partners

We are collaborating closely with our US associates, Engle Martin & Associates (EMA) who have deployed a team of multidisciplinary Executive General Adjusters and various supporting adjusters to the crisis zone to handle claims arising from Hurricane Harvey. Our dedicated catastrophe team is readily available to provide EMA assistance with complex and technical claims on the ground in the affected areas.

Dedicated Catastrophe Team

We actively monitor meteorological hazards and our Catastrophe team have experience handling major natural catastrophe claims including; floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and typhoons. Our portfolio of NATCAT expertise includes the 2010 and 2014 Chile earthquakes, the 2010 - 12 Christchurch earthquakes, various hurricanes in the Caribbean including Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and Hurricane Gonzalo in 2014, Chilean floods in 2015 and recent flooding this year in Peru. Our dedicated Catastrophe loss adjusters offer their expertise, technical insight and efficient service to meet policyholders and claimants needs swiftly during these critical times.

Specialist Expertise

Hurricane Harvey has struck at one of the US’s major financial centres, impacting transport links, causing widespread property damage and affecting heavy industry electrical generation and transmission systems as well as the oil and gas sector. Our specialist loss adjusters can assist with an array of Property and Machinery damage, Business interruption, DSU claims, CAR/EAR claims, energy claims and environmental risks claims. Our environmental experts can assist with losses that may stem from the heavily contaminated flood waters in many locations contaminated with environmentally damaging and toxic pollutants.

We are also able to liaise with the international (re)insurance markets, risk managers and brokers to provide our support on complex and technical claims as needed and/or site visits to the affected areas at short notice.

Our specialist adjusters can offer their expertise in the following technical areas:

Environmental Risks
(Hazardous Waste, Pollution, Chemical Contamination)
David Waller

Oil & Gas
(Upstream and downstream, Refineries, Petrochemical)
Geoff Cooke

Power Generation & Distribution
(Electrical & Industrial systems and Power Plants)
Jeff Ashman

Business Interruption
(BI, DSU/ALOP, third party liability)
Ruzena Karlubik

Construction - Buildings
(Property damage, buildings damage, CAR/EAR)
Mark Simmons

Construction - Infrastructure
(Infrastructure damage, CAR/EAR)
Oliver Thoma

For more information, please contact:

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