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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy (RE) is the fastest growing sector of the energy market and contains numerous well-established as well as new and evolving technologies. Our surveyors have considerable experience working onshore and offshore and are duly certified for offshore assessments. 

Our Expertise

Our extensive experience in surveying RE technologies include:

    •     Onshore and offshore wind turbines
    •     Solar photovoltaic generation (PV)
    •     Solar thermal collector generation (with hot storage)
    •     Biomass/biogas generation
    •     Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation
    •     Geothermal

An emerging concept in RE is that of satellite wind farms connected to a central platform by DC cable links which represents another evolution in technology and risk. Offshore construction and the operation of such installations provides a unique set of offshore challenges, much of which is related both to the environment as well as to technology. 

Solar generation is also advancing on the PV and thermal collector technology fronts.  PV sites of 1000MW capacity are being installed and hot storage technology is enabling thermal collector sites to operate over longer periods.
CHP and biomass/biogas generation come in a variety of technologies from wood chip burners to rubbish recycling to ethanol plants. Each has its own set of equipment, processes and operational hazards which need to be understood when assessing such installations.

Our Service

ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING ensures that all our reports reflect the latest industry best practice, providing a comprehensive description on all the involved parties, physical assets, installations, main exposures and hazards as well as detailed loss estimations.  

We are fully conversant in all the evolving RE sector technologies and developments and consistently provide the highest level of service and expert assessments in the RE sector.