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Property - Heavy Industry and Mining

Property - Heavy Industry and Mining

Property covers a wide range of sectors and can contain an array of distinct hazards. ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING has specialised expertise in heavy industry and mining sectors. We meticulously assess the risks providing insight on how to mitigate exposure and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation/regulators. 

Our Expertise 

Our experience in surveying continuous-process industries and property types include:

Continuous-Process Industries
    •     Automotive industry
    •     Cement 
    •     Component manufacturing
    •     Food processing
    •     Iron, steel and aluminium

    •    Commercial premises 
    •     Data Centres
    •     Government Buildings
    •     Hospitals
    •     Ports and terminals

Many continuous-process industries have power generation and large explosion risks as well as their own inherent product/processing risks. Continuous production is much more complex than batch processing, hence assessing those installations covers a wide spectrum of risks and unique challenges.

For large property risks the main danger is fire, so an up-to-date understanding of the latest codes such as NFPA or FM are essential.  However, many sectors also have explosion, chemical, biological and large machinery breakdown risks, as well as the added complication of “control of people”.

Mining, both above ground (open cast) and below ground (deep mines) requires practical knowledge of the extract techniques, equipment and operations at the site if a meaningful assessment of the risks is to be undertaken.  ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING have both the experience and technical understanding of mining operations around the world to deliver expert surveys in this field.

Ports and terminals is a specialist area we also provide surveying services in where large explosion and fire risks can be present as well as risks relating to high value goods in security bonded areas, bulk transport systems, container transport machinery and storage areas.

Our Service 

We have a consistent reporting format across all the risk sectors which enables the reader to quickly understand what the key issues are.  As well as reporting on physical assets we review fundamental elements of the operational procedures such as maintenance and Permit to Work (PTW), inspections, engineering, training and contingency planning where applicable. Our Risk Engineering Reports also contain recommendations for reducing the risk of incidents and the impact of such incidents.