Our Services



Insurers need accurate, well presented, up to date and independent Risk Engineering Reports if they are to underwrite risks effectively. 

The team at ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING offer a high calibre of reports that are succinct, professional and independent, enabling the reader to quickly identify the main risks. The reports closely examine the risks involves, assess the values of these, offer recommendations for improvement and present EML/PML scenarios as required.

ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING is structured as a separate business unit and independent legal entity to ADVANTA’s loss adjusting practice. You can find out more about the range of ADVANTA’s services here

Our team offers a variety of Risk Engineering products including; 

    •     Construction Surveys (CAR/EAD/DSU)
    •     Operational Surveys (PD/MB/BI)
    •     Power Surveys 
    •     Environmental Risk Surveys
    •     Maximum Loss Studies
    •     Cyber Risk Surveys
    •     Political & Terrorism Risk Surveys
    •     Supply Chain Surveys
    •     Jeweller’s Block Surveys
    •     Bespoke Risk Assessments

ADVANTA have assembled a highly qualified and multi-lingual ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING team in strategic locations throughout our network including Buenos Aires, Miami, London and Chennai. This gives us the advantage of being more cost effective in the provision of services for certain risks, whilst maintaining consistency and a high quality of reporting.  Our local presence enables our surveyors to access remote regions and facilitates both the cultural and logistical support which is vital in undertaking a successful survey.

Our areas of expertise include; Construction, Conventional Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Heavy Industry and Mining, and Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore) amongst others.

For any further information on our Risk Engineering services please request our brochure which lists each of our designated Risk Engineering contacts globally.