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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas sector often accounts for some of the most technically complex and highest value risks in the insurance market. Both Onshore and Offshore surveys need to be undertaken by surveyors with several years’ experience and sound loss prevention knowledge across a wide range of specialties, both in the industry sector and in surveying.

Our Expertise 

Our broad experience in surveying Oil & Gas risks includes; 

Onshore Risks
    •     Upstream onshore oil and gas exploration, processing, storage and export
    •     LNG production and storage
    •     NGL recovery, sour gas treatment, lean gas compression and export
    •     Propane and butane fractionation and storage
    •     Condensate stabilisation and refining
    •     Refineries (Crude Units, Hydrocrackers, FCC’s CCR’s, Alkylation, Coker’s)
    •     Ammonia, Urea and Ammonium Nitrate production
    •     Naphtha and gas-feed crackers and downstream olefins units
    •     Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) production
    •     Methanol, MVC, PVC production
    •     Refined products storage and distribution
    •     Pipelines and distribution

Offshore Risks
    •     Upstream offshore oil and gas exploration, processing and export
    •     FLNG production
    •     NGL recovery, sour gas treatment, lean gas compression and export
    •     LNG, LPG, crude oil, refined products, ethylene marine export terminals

Our Service

Each ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING report provides perceptive comment on the risks and exposure as well as a comparison on how well the site fares versus others with similar risks, identifying areas for improvements and loss mitigation. In-line with best industry practice we ensure all our Risk Engineering Reports are peer reviewed for consistency and accuracy.