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Conventional Power, Transmission and Distribution Systems

Conventional Power, Transmission and Distribution Systems

Traditional power generation technology continues to dominate power risks throughout the world despite advances in renewable energy.   

Our Expertise

Our team have ample experience in these industry sectors with skills in surveying power station technologies including;

    •     Hydro stations – High dam and Run of River (ROR)
    •     Coal fired stations – fluidised bed and pulverised fuel designs
    •     Heavy/Light/Diesel fuel oil and gas fired boiler stations 
    •     Gas/liquid fuel GT stations – including simple and combined cycle
    •     Nuclear stations

ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING also have experience surveying the highest voltage transmission and distribution systems and their respective control centres.

Assessments at power plants require a detailed understanding of procedures and international safety/fire codes as well as familiarity with the risks associated with the following equipment;

    •     Low Pressure/high pressure/supercritical and ultra-supercritical boilers 
    •     Multi stage steam turbines, GT turbines and water turbines
    •     High speed cylindrical rotor and multi-pole wound rotor electrical generators
    •     Balance of plant including boiler feed water systems, cooling systems  
    •     Control and instrumentation systems
    •     Emergency shut down systems
    •     Fire and safety systems

Increasingly, the power sector utilises high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology to overcome transmission constraint issues. We have the specialist know-how to undertake work involving equipment such as gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), AC/DC converters, large reactors and filter equipment which are complex in design and operation.

Our Service 

Our team offer their technical expertise to swiftly identify and mitigate a wide variety of operational risks. Our surveyors are highly qualified, provide efficient service and deliver top calibre peer reviewed reports, presented in a concise and thorough format. 

ADVANTA RISK ENGINEERING offers outstanding client service and a thorough level of insight and proficiency on complex surveys in the power sector.