Our People

Czech Republic

CONTIN s.r.o.
Rybna 682/14
110 05 Prague
Czech Republic
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    Ladislav Burian

    Specialised Secondary School, Ostrava: Insurance. 

    After leaving secondary school, Ladislav became one of the founders of Živnostenská pojišťovna Inc., which was transformed into Česká spořitelna and Kooperativa insurance company in 2000. He gained his professional experience with claims loss adjusting while working with RENOMIA Inc, where he was in charge of the VIP clients of this prominent brokerage company. In 2011 Ladislav founded CONTIN, a company which provides risk management and loss adjusting services, he undertakes its day-to-day management and operations. 

    Languages: Czech and conversant in English and Polish.

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    Marie Slamova

    University of Economics, Prague - Macroeconomic Analysis. 

    Marie is the head of Contin’s Property and Liability department. Up until 2014 she was the Head of Property and Liability department in Triglav insurance company. At ČSOB Insurance company, she was responsible for the methodical preparation of product lines for personal insurance, property insurance and business risk insurance.

    Languages: Czech and fluent in English and Russian.

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    Alena Tomkova

    PhD in Law (2004), Masters in Law (1998) (Charles University, Prague).

    Alena is in charge of all liability loss adjusting work at Contin Ltd. She is responsible for the methodological training of the team and conducts the investigation of claims. She has exceptional organisational skills, a strong sense of teamwork and is very empathetic. In February 2015, Alena passed the mediator exam at the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. 

    Languages: Czech and fluent in English, German, Spanish and French.

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    Pavel Sidora

    Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Construction Management. 

    Pavel has over 15 years’ experience as a construction manager. Over the course of his career, he has supervised the construction of numerous buildings including public, residential and industrial projects. Pavel has also worked as a project manager responsible for the coordination of subcontractors, cash-flow, invoicing and quality control and compliance at construction sites. His major projects include the reconstruction of a castle in Strážnice, a synagogue in Mikulov and a sewage disposal plant. 

    Languages: Czech and fluent in English