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    Rosa Pérez

    Licensed Loss Adjuster (SUDEASEG - Superintendence of Insurance of Venezuela), Financial Analyst with specialisation in Negotiations and Litigation (Central University of Venezuela), Industrial Administration (Institute IUTIRLA), Intermediate level Chemical Technician. 

    Rosa has more than 34 years’ experience in the insurance industry. Throughout her career, she has handled commercial and industrial losses, a substantial portion of which were high complexity cases. Rosa specialises in claims related to CAT, fire, business interruption, transport, theft, liability and fidelity guarantees. She has also extensive experience in negotiations, litigation and dispute resolution.  

    Languages: Spanish.

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    Fanny Tahiré Pérez Arrayo

    MBA (Masters in Environmental Science, Yacambú University, Venezuela), ChE (Chemical Engineer, Carabobo University), Diploma in Quality Management Systems (Colombia) and BSc (Bachelor in Science Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima, Venezuela). 

    Fanny is a Chemical Engineer with over nine years’ technical experience in addition to loss adjusting. During her career, she has been in charge of planning, coordination and supervision of duties in manufacturing and installation of electric generators, including fuel systems, ventilation - cooling, gas leakage and soundproofing. She has also been involved in operational activities related to the collection of white and wastewater samples for later analysis and characterisation. Additionally, Fanny has specialised in handling claims related to property insurance (engineering, fire and flood lines). 

    Languages: Spanish.

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    Franklin Antonio Ríos Vega

    IE (Industrial Engineer, Carabobo University, Venezuela), BSc (Bachelor in Science, Liceo Enrique Delgado Palacios, Venezuela.), courses in Occupational Hygiene and Labour Safety, Management Coaching and Health and Safety Management Systems at work. 

    Franklin is an Industrial Engineer with over nine years’ technical experience. In line with his formal training, he has been in charge of activities inherent to health and safety at work in addition to improvement processes in order to create new work methods and standards. In the adjusting field, Franklin has expertise in engineering, fire and flood lines. 

    Languages: Spanish.